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Helping friends and collegues is what i do.

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I'd like to offer my sincere thanks and gratitude to all that have used my services and benefitted from them, over these past years.
I am now 55 and in a position to retire with my wife,
I will still be available for any of the services listed below, I do intend to keep all my equipment and keep offering the help that we always have,
but no-longer carrying any stock, nor promoting any products except locally and personal use.

We had created a great business with many firsts, and will keep these available.
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#1 Vinyl Banners, Signs, Graphics and Decals. Vector Graphics, Image editing
The Laughing Professor 27 years of Unique Photo Printed Gifts, Signs and Banners. Personalized Printed Wrist Watches

#2 Domain name, and Hosting Provider PrintingREADY
Custom Website Developer of responsive E-commerce stores
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TheProfessor Domain name, and Hosting Provider Custom Website Developer of responsive E-commerce stores
#3 Sandblasting, Etching - including yard equipment and tools, or engine parts.
#4 CNC Cutting, Carving - including house numbers. #5 Laser Engraving
#6 Drone (ariel) Photography - reator listings, property photos.

Retired Royal Air Force Electronics Specialist.
#7 Arc (stick) Welding - Trailer modifications and repairs #8 Electrical maintnance and repairs

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